Celebrity and Illuminati connection by Itanimmuli

You know the celebrities we talk about here; you think you know everything about them. But do you, really? If rumors circulating on the internet are to be believed some of the biggest stars in the entertainment industry are said to be a part of the Illuminati and are supposedly planning to take over the world.So, what is the Illuminati, and why should it concern you if celebrities join it? “Illuminati” refers an ancient secret organization that existed during the Enlightenment era to fight the hegemony of the Roman Catholic Church. It has some of the smartest, richest and most powerful men and women as its members.

The Illuminati’s freethinkers were feminists who fought for gender equality, rational and secular in a time of religious obscurantism, superstition and prejudice.The Illuminati is believed to have survived the passage of time. The modern day Illuminati is said to comprise of the elites of our world – the 1% – the most powerful men and women from politics, religion, entertainment, sports, finance and business. And the modern Illuminati, if rumors are to be believed, wants to control the world and create a New World Order.


So how true are the rumors about Celebrity Illuminati? Let’s find out!


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom-Celine-Dion-2Celine Dion

Many people (mostly men) don’t like Celine Dion. It’s probably because she’s so good at what she does. There have always been rumors that her music is the work of the devil and that she is a member of the Illuminati. Celine has done her bit to fuel the rumors by throwing up the Devil’s Horns or “El Diablo” quite frequently – supposedly a nod to the devil.


The-Jay-Z-Illuminati-Conspiracy-Are-Beyonce-And-Jay-Z-Seducing-Our-Kids-Into-The-OccultJay Z and Beyonce

Jay Z and Beyonce are easily the most famous Illuminati couple – the rumors about them simply refuse to go away. Jay Z uses the symbol of the Illuminati – the triangle or the pyramid – almost everywhere he goes.

His Roc-A-Fella Records label has a pyramid as its symbol, for instance. In his video, “On to the Next One” video, Jay Z wears devil horns, uses a goat skull, symbolizing the goat-headed demon Baphomet and displays several symbols of Freemasonry.

His wife Beyonce is not far behind. She is always keen to show off a double six or ‘A-OK’ sign every now and then, which symbolizes the mark of the devil. She even used an Illuminati symbol during her Super Bowl performance in 2013.

And here’s the killer – Jay Z and Beyonce supposedly used an Illuminati reference while naming their daughter, Blue Ivy. “Blue Ivy” is said to be a reworking of the name Eulb Yvi, the name of Satan’s daughter. Now, do you really need more proof?

LeBron James

LeBron James is so good at what he does that some of his critics claim that he’s made a deal with the devil! LeBron has always been connected to the Illuminati, the rumors simply don’t go away. He has been often seen wearing T-shirts with triangles and eyes – which is an Illuminati symbol.





Justin-Bieber-1Justin Bieber

Bieber is too young to be a part of the Illuminati don’t you think? Well, in his case he seems to think the Illuminati is cool and would rather have you believe that he’s a part of it! Justin is often pictured with the A-OK sign up to his face and his left eye peering through it –the symbol of the Illuminati. Yes, Justin we get it!






Kanye-West-Power-Video-As-Above-Illuminati-Symbolism-e1342350948182Kanye West

So what does Kanye West do when he is not annoying people with his superiority complex? Well, he works hard playing up rumors about his ties to the Illuminati. A large Horus necklace, huge Eye of the Providence rings, using the pyramid hand gesture once too often, videos full of occult imagery – Kanye really wants people to think that he’s a part of the Illuminati. Sometimes, this borders on desperation.

So these are the 6 prominent celebrities who we think (or they would want us to think) are a part of the Illuminati. Again, this is just for your entertainment and you can take it seriously at your own risk!