Illuminati Meaning

Even though it is still unclear either Illuminati is real or not, people have spent years writing books about Illuminati meaning and its origin. If you are fond of watching TV shows and watch “Black List”, you must be aware of Cabal. Similarly, Illuminati is a secret organization that controls the events of the world. However, although the authenticity of the claim that this group exists is still debatable, people have investigated and presented evidence both in favor and against the claim. This article focuses on the origin and basic things everybody should know about Illuminati meaning.

The Origin of Illuminati: Why and how it started

The Cabal like cult group Illuminati was started by a German, Adam Weishaupt, in the year in which American got independence, 1776, in a city of Germany called Bavaria. Sources revealed that it was started with five elite class members with an agenda to rule the world by controlling every influential and powerful government position in the world. Contrary to what people think when asked about Illuminati meaning, it is not a witchcraft group, however, since its agenda was to lure every influential personality in the world into its fold, it was not against using devilish means such as terror, blackmail, witchcraft, etc. to achieve that. This is one of the reasons why they chose its famous “Eye in the Triangle” as its symbol which indicates devil oversees this organization.

The symbol is known as “Udjat,” and is drawn with an eye inside a triangle. However, this isn’t the case always. The symbol is also present at the back side of every American dollar note. It indicates an “All Seeing Eye”, the eye of Lucifer which oversees the operations of the cult group.

Two books written in late 1700 thought Illuminati is a group that is working against the religion, more specifically Catholic Church. The crux of the books was that it was illuminating that engineered the French Revolution to overthrow French monarchy and introduce new enlightened ideas.

20th Century Onwards Theories

The curiosity of the people searching for Illuminati meaning grew with new conspiracy theories in the 20th century. These ideas gave rise to the rumors that the group wanted to overthrow western world and was in control of business, banking, entertainment and politics of the world.

Currently, people who believe Illuminati is real thought that the cult group regardless of whether it believe in Lucifer are in control of American Politics and Government, British Royal Family, United Nations and other International Organizations along with International Space Program, banking and finance industry and some portions of the film and music industry.

Final Thoughts

Even though Illuminati is a secret organization, conspiracy theorists think its members especially the showbiz stars and political personalities show their affiliation with coded messages in their songs and with hand symbols. People believe its final goal is to implement new world order to control the whole world.

However, even though individuals have spent a lot of time investigating the organization to know all about Illuminati meaning and have collected some evidence, more evidence it needed to establish the fact that the group exists. Let us know what you guys think about the Illuminati meaning and whether it’s real or not in the comments section below.