Illuminati Symbols

Illuminati symbols hold a special significance. They have been used by the Illuminati since time immemorial to taunt the authorities. Illuminati symbols are hidden in plain sight, much like the Illuminati itself, which has been around since 1776, infiltrates every facet of the society, and yet remains largely invisible to the public.

The symbols of the Illuminati have a special significance and are full of secret meanings to those in power; they indicate the power and influence of the Illuminati. These symbols are present in our currencies, they are all over our TV screens, newspapers and in Hollywood movies – we just refuse to notice them, although they are out there for everyone to see.

Back in the past, only insiders were privy to the true meanings of Illuminati symbols, but now a lot of Illuminati watchers such as ourselves have a good idea of what they mean and can immediately identify these symbols as and when we see it. These symbols are hidden in popular culture, in world famous architectural designs, in the media and in monuments. They are here, there and everywhere – do you see them?

Why is it so important that you should be able to identify Illuminati symbols? Well, it is when you identify these symbols that you will truly understand the depth of this secret organization, and how it dominates our governments, media, financial sector and entertainment industry.

Knowledge is power and once you know what they mean, you will never fall victim to them. You will know exactly what to expect and will be in a position to fight back the evil influence of the Illuminati.

These symbols work on people’s subconscious levels and trigger an emotional response to the subliminal message contained in them. Once you are able to identify them and know them for what they are, their intended effects are no longer so powerful.

Let’s talk about some of the most secretive and yet obvious Illuminati Symbols and what they mean.

1) The All-Seeing Eye

illuminati eye
The Illuminati is closely identified by the All-Seeing Eye. It is also called the Udjat or the Eye of the Horus, which was a symbol of royal power in ancient Egypt. It is also an occult symbol and is used to represent the Devil’s Eye, which watches the followers of the Satan. The All-Seeing Eye symbolizes the power exercised by the Satan over ordinary people. It is displayed on the back of the USD $1 bill; nobody quite knows how that came about.


2) The Pentagram

illuminati pentagram

The Pentagram is used in all occult rituals and is a symbol of Satanism. It has been included in the layout of the US Capitol based on instructions from George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, who many believe were part of the Illuminati Elite back in those times. This powerful symbol represents the victory of materialism over spirituality or the divine.


3) The Pyramid

illuminati pyramid
The pyramid is the most powerful of all Illuminati symbols. What does it signify, exactly? There are some who say that the Pyramid represent the Illuminati command structure, with the capstone representing the Elite members of the organization, who control it from the top and are privy to its darkest secrets. The middle of the pyramid represents the junior members of the hierarchy while the base represents us, the masses, who are ruled by the elites of the world.


4) The Devil’s Horn (El Diablo)

illuminati devils horn symbol

The Satan is the most important mythological figure for the members of the Illuminati. The Illuminati has no place for those who believe in God. The hand-sign of the Devil’s Horn is used by some of the world’s biggest celebrities, hedge fund managers and politicians.


5) The Inverted Cross

inverted cross illuminati

This is a very hateful symbol and it was first used by the evil Roman Emperor Nero, who had thousands of Christian men and women raped, tortured and executed to represent the destruction of Christianity. It is also used on the tombs of several suspected Illuminati members, including powerful Nazi leaders. It is also indicative of Satanist beliefs.


6) The Number of the Beast ( 666 )

number of the beast

The number 666 carries a heavy significance in Christianity. It is said to represent the Anti-Christ, the man who is expected to lead the Illuminati and create the New World Order. The most important reference to the number 666 is made in the Bible in Revelation 13:17, and 13:18, where it is called as the Mark of the Beast. Many celebrities use it as a hand sign. Outwardly, it is a simple, harmless gesture of “okay” but in reality it represents the Number of the Beast. Some celebrities even go overboard in their Illuminati worship, by covering their eyes with this sign, thus combining the All-Seeing Eye with the Number of the Beast.


7) The Bellamy Salute

bellamy salute illuminati symbol

The Bellamy Salute is not just a Nazi salute; it was an ancient pagan ritual which was adopted by the members of the Illuminati. Illuminati members are believed to have been some of the biggest backers of Adolf Hitler. The Illuminati profited from the World War 2 which brought so much death and destruction to the world. Some of the companies that made money during the World War 2, such as General Electric, Standard Oil, General Motors and Dupont, are believed to have been under the direct influence of the Illuminati.


8) The Obelisk 

illuminati obelisk

The Obelisk is a monolith that is supposed to stand in a place of high power. It is essentially a phallic symbol associated with pagan rituals involving the Egyptian God Ra. Some of the most famous obelisks that indicate the influence of the Illuminati include the Washington Monument, the Vaticano obelisk in Rome and Cleopatra’s Needles in New York and London. They are meant to represent the power of the patriarchy and are a deeply misogynistic symbol.


9) The Owl

drake illuminati owl symbol

Not many understand the true power of the owl as a symbol. The owl is used to symbolize the most powerful pagan lord of the underworld. It also represents power and wisdom. The owl is also the mascot of the Bohemian Grove, which is a site of secretive meetings involving some of the most influential men and women in the world with world domination in mind.


10) The Eternal Flame

eternal flame illuminati

Most people would tell you that the Eternal Flame held by the Statue of Liberty is a symbol of Enlightenment, but for the members of the Illuminati, it carries a different meaning. For them, it is a symbol of Lucifer. It has a very dark meaning and represents the destruction of the Old World Order and its replacement with the New World Order. Indeed, rumors are that every time the Illuminati assassinates a famous public figure who is opposed to their plans they create a monument with this symbol, which indicates that they were indeed responsible for the killing. President John F. Kennedy, Reverend Martin Luther King, and Diana, Princess of Wales are believed to be some of the most important targets of the Illuminati.