The Hoax and What It Could Possibly Mean

Have you tried typing on your browser? Itanimulli, is of course, the Illuminati spelled backwards. You will be shocked to know that typing would lead you to the official NSA (National Security Agency) website! How cool is that? Great prank by someone, for sure. But is there something more to it? Let’s dig into the great Itanimulli hoax/conspiracy and find out.

Itanimulli is Illuminati spelled backwards – you already know that. Who are the Illuminati? The Illuminati is a top secret group or a collection of different top secret groups that have existed for several hundred years, with the goal of ruling the world by influencing political and religious beliefs of the public. The Illuminati was founded by a group of rationalists in Bavaria in 1776. The leaders of the Illuminati were ruthlessly suppressed by the authorities, and have since kept their identities secret ever since, from one generation to another.

Now, no one can say for sure whether the Illuminati exists or not, but there are always conspiracy theories floating around about the top secret group. There are many who hold the Illuminati responsible for many important world events.


There are others who insist that the Illuminati is actually a part of the U.S. government itself. The Itanimulli website that redirects people to the NSA is a tongue-in-cheek reference to such rumors. As the Edward Snowden controversy proved, the NSA is one secretive, sinister organization that invades people’s privacy and wants to know what everyone says or even thinks. Not all that different from what many people accuse Illuminati of being!

So, what about the Itanimulli prank? Who’s behind it?


The Itanimulli prank is easy to explain. Anyone can register an unused domain name and redirect those who type it on their browser to another web site of their choice. All they need to do is to use the “redirect” command. Domain owners can remain anonymous if they wish to, as well. However, we know about the person behind Itanimulli.


It’s a certain John Fenley of Provo, Utah, who did it as a prank, he says. Fenley claims that he has no ties with the NSA or any US government agency. He says he really has no great information about the Illuminati and has no opinion on them as yet. Fenley is quite inactive online and not much is really known about him.


Fenley told the interviewer who asked him about his Itanimulli site: “I decided to forward the domain domain [sic] to the NSA as a joke… kind of like a rickroll + shock site. I registered the website years ago precisely because it does spell Illuminati backwards, but didn’t really do anything with it for a long time. When I had the idea to forward the domain to the NSA I couldn’t pass it up, and couldn’t stop laughing…”


Here’s what Fenley has to say about the New World Order: “I’m not sure what the New World Order Plan is, but if you have more information, I’ll gladly tell you what I think of it.


While Fenley said that he wasn’t a member of any government organization, his interviewer claims to have seen a DARPA truck on the street outside his house. DARPA stands for Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. It is a part of the Department of Defense and sponsors advanced research for the US military. DARPA was founded in 1958 in response to the USSR’s launch of Sputnik, the first successful man-made satellite to orbit the earth. DARPA is, of course, the organization that fathered the internet, many decades ago.


So if Fenley has any ties whatsoever to DARPA, that would probably throw a new light into the situation. Perhaps there’s more to the Itanimulli website than just a silly prank. After all, why does the NSA still allow the link to their website? There’s certainly something more to this story, but like with everything related to the Illuminati, it remains a secret. And with the NSA involved, who knows what’s going on?


Let us know what you make of the link to the NSA. Just a prank by a young man or is there something going on here that the government does not want us to know? We look forward to your comments.